The Spiritual Landscape in Nineteenth-Century America
  • Featuring the works of the Hudson River School
Historically, American culture has been steeped in the language of theology. Author Gene Edward Veith reconstructs the worldview underlying the landscape paintings of the Hudson River School, the first major artistic movement in the United States. Seeking the roots of the Protestant aesthetic that inspired Thomas Cole, Asher B. Durand, Jasper Cropsey, Frederic Church and others, Veith delves into the writings of Martin Luther... More »
Hudson River School and the Moral Landscape (2000)
  • Foreword by Frederick Turner
This extraordinary work of cultural criticism analyzes the masterpieces of the Hudson River School, America’s golden age of landscape painting that flourished from 1825 to 1860. Iconic works by Frederic Edwin Church, Thomas Cole, Jasper Francis Cropsey, Asher Brown Durand, and others are examined in relation to the religious, moral and aesthetic sensibility that underlies their work. For these painters there was a moral... More »
Rethinking Washington's Monumental Core
  • Foreword by James F. Cooper
The National Mall in Washington, D.C., has long held an important place in the American psyche. Home to monuments and museums dedicated to the founding ideals of the United States, the Mall serves as a gathering place for public protest and celebration. But as the nation ages and the population diversifies, demands for additional structures and uses have sparked debates over the Mall’s future and the necessity of preserving... More »