Book Reviews

Review by Alfred Nicol

The Fortunes of Poetry in an Age of Unmaking, by James Matthew Wilson. Wiseblood Books, 2016, 289 pagesThis book is a heroic attempt to right the sinking ship of American poetry. Whether the ship is sinking may be debatable, but the author shows where the leaks are, and there are a lot.James Matthew Wilson writes that the reason most... More »

Review by Susan E. Gunter

Paradise Drive by Rebecca Foust. Winston- Salem: Press 53, 2015. 114 pages.Poet Rebecca Foust’s latest collection, Paradise Drive, places her squarely in a distinguished line of English writers who have used their work to interrogate the human condition, to answer the question that the Puritans asked: “How can we be in this world and not... More »

Review by John Ridland

Cincinnati: Turning Point, 2011. 99 pp. Fred Turner has been dubbed a “polymath”: The jolly sciences, the dismal one,1 and jolly mathFall in his purview, and his reader must Take them in stride, in confidence, and on trust. (To judge how wide and deep his knowledge spreadsYou’d have to call a clutch of talking heads.) His... More »

Review by Meredith Bergmann

Nathaniel Purple by F.D. Reeve. St. Johnsbury, Vermont: Voyage/Brigantine Media, 2011. 128 pp.In this short book, poet and novelist F.D. Reeve has condensed a lifetime love affair with Vermont into a richly colored prose eclogue. The mythic progress of a feud, murder and fire in a small town, from late autumn to early spring, from... More »

Review by Arthur Mortensen

Frederick Turner, Texas poet of British birth, has produced four epics (The Return, Genesis, The New World, The Ballad of the Good Cowboy), eight collections, including Hadean Eclogues, The Garden, Paradise and, with Zsuzsanna Ozsváth, the translation Foamy Sky: Major Poems of Miklos Radnóti. His essay collections—Natural Classicism;... More »