Portraiture 2020

by Jess Hendel

Since 2001, Arcadia Contemporary has carved out a niche as one of the leading galleries exhibiting representational artists. In 2016, they moved from Culver City to a 3,000-square-foot space in Pasadena’s Old Town district, making them one of the largest exhibition spaces for contemporary representational art on the west coast.... More »

Blake for the Ages

by Flora Armetta

Summer has drawn to a close, but there are consolations to be had. One exhibition, long in the works, is open as of September 11th and is worth a trip to London if you are so inclined: William Blake, an artist whose enduring reputation still rests nearly equally on his diverse and prodigious artistic gifts and his sometimes tormented... More »

A Review of "Tula Telfair: Reverie"

by Emmanuel Whyte

Reverie marks Tula Telfair’s sixth solo exhibition at the Forum Gallery in New York. Telfair is an American landscape painter known for transporting viewers into her photo-vivid imagination, memories and contemplative spaces. On view are fourteen oil paintings: eight large compositions in color and six monochromatic abstract... More »

At the Philadelphia Museum of Art

by Flora Armetta

Summer is winding down, but it’s not over yet; one excellent way to spend the days that remain is at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, where a refreshing pair of exhibitions make a stop in that lovely little city well worth it. The first, Biting Wit and Brazen Folly: British Satirical Prints, 1780s – 1830s (up through August 22, 2018)... More »