The Spiritual Currency of Sylvia Maier’s Painting

by Sarah Sutro

Sylvia Maier creates everyday tableaux and multicultural portraits with deep empathy toward the people, places and situations she paints. In casual social situations like a café, a bakery or a concert, she first draws people she observes, then paints grouped compositions using hired models to satisfy the narrative she has... More »

A Conversation with Bo Bartlett: Artist, Patron, Community Leader

by James Lancel McElhinney

I met with Georgia native Bo Bartlett to discuss the arts center bearing his name at Columbus State University. Our meeting took place at the Warwick Hotel, but we first met in the late seventies, and our paths crossed again numerous times during the eighties when I was living, painting and teaching in Philadelphia. Bo had come out of... More »

Chaos and Catharsis in the Paintings of Stephen Hannock

by Sarah Sutro

Striding through the studios where he works in North Adams, Massachusettes, Stephen Hannock’s talk ranges from his method of painting, the art world, mentors and friends, to serious life challenges. Beginning as a hockey star in high school and college, to being a successful artist living in the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts,... More »

Degas's Monotypes

by Donald Kuspit

As his loneliness and gloom increased, at a loss what to do with his evenings, Degas had the idea of spending them, in fine weather, traveling on the open deck of trams and buses.... One day he described to me something he had seen the evening before on his open-air jaunt. It is the kind of observation that reveals the observer more... More »