In the Studio with Allison Malafronte

In the Studio: Frederick Brosen

by Allison Malafronte


Visual moments that catch a discerning artist’s eye abound in New York City, but it’s rare to be able to behold a moment of beauty at length. The city’s frenetic pace and continual forward motion simply don’t allow one to stop and stare—at least in the main squares and tourist parts of town. However, through the intricate... More »

In the Studio: Alex Venezia

by Allison Malafronte

Consistently creating artwork from an authentic place is not as easy a feat as one might assume. With the many distractions, comparisons, and commercial pressures common in today’s culture, it takes serious dedication to stay true to one’s beliefs and vision. Alex Venezia—a Virginia Beach-raised artist who has recently... More »

In the Studio: Zoey Frank

by Allison Malafronte

Fort Collins, Colorado-based painter Zoey Frank is starting the new year and decade off right with a little of the old, some of the new, and a dash of the unexpected. She’ll continue her large-scale figurative paintings undoubtedly, but she also has several concepts up her sleeve for other projects and paintings—including her... More »

In the Studio: Cody Swanson

by Allison Malafronte

Cody Swanson has been sculpting sacred subject matter out of his studio in Florence, Italy for more than fifteen years. Working in clay, plaster, marble, and bronze, he takes on major commissions from churches in Europe and America and is also on the faculty of the Sacred Art School in Florence. Although he has a wealth of... More »