In the Studio with Allison Malafronte

In the Studio: Glenn Harrington

by Allison Malafronte

The resplendent moments in time that Pennsylvania-based painter Glenn Harrington captures on canvas may remind you of someplace you’ve been—or perhaps someplace you have yet to go. Painting figures in the landscape in a way that harmonizes the distinct design and movement of each, Harrington has an inherent lyricism in his... More »

In the Studio: Mary Whyte

by Allison Malafronte

Now more than ever, a humanist spirit, sensitivity to social injustices, and a respectful honoring of fellow man and woman regardless of race, color, or creed are desperately needed in our country. The Charleston, South Carolina watercolorist Mary Whyte is someone who has been delivering on these principles through her... More »

In the Studio: Nick Alm

by Allison Malafronte

 Nick Alm has made a name for himself painting remarkably engaging multi-figure scenes, the café and subway variety of which have garnered him particular praise of late. This multi-faceted artist who currently maintains a studio in Stockholm, Sweden, is a Florence Academy of Art graduate who also studied with Odd Nerdrum in Norway and... More »

In the Studio: James Sondow

by Allison Malafronte

James Sondow’s fate to study the ancient tradition of monumental sculpture-making in Russia and become an ambassador of that legacy was apparent from a young age. Born in New York City to Russian-American parents, Sondow was fortunate to not only discover his talent early but to also be surrounded by supportive family,... More »