Metaphysical Archaeology of Lighthouses (Part I)

by Lucien Steil

Lighthouses are captivating structures, combining domestic and functional preoccupations of navigation, orientation and safety with the most inspiring issues of poetry and metaphysics. Every single lighthouse, of whatever scale and sophistication of design, proportion and detailing, is not only an elaborate typological equation and an... More »

New York City’s Pivotal Role in the Colonial Revival Movement

by Andrew Berrien Jones

A seminal exhibition at the Museum of the City of New York, “The American Style: Colonial Revival and the Modern Metropolis” (through October 30, 2011), is an eye opener. The exhibition, according to the museum’s director, SusanHenshaw Jones, explores “New York City’s contributions to a national ground-swell, a movement that sought to... More »

The Problems of Apostasy: Architecture in the Modern Age

by Peter Kellow

The theory that underpins modernist architecture rests on a fundamental premise, which is this: there exists a modern age (the age in which we live) that is radically distinct from what went before. Modernism then goes on from this to claim an exclusive right to be considered the appropriate architecture for this modern age.... More »