Urban Design in the Footsteps of Camillo Sitte

by Peter Kellow


Beauty has always paid better than any other commodity and always will.


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Transforming Tradition at the Harvard Art Museums

by Sarah Sutro

A diagonal ramp rises gently to the front door of the newly renovated Harvard Art Museums (HAM) in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Renzo Piano, the architect responsible for the renovation, has retained the old Fogg Art Museum’s formal entrance with its steep, straightforward steps facing Quincy Street, while... More »

Vitruvius as the Model for Modernist Architects

by Carroll William Westfall

Classical and traditional architects honor the ancient Roman architect Vitruvius as their godfather. He is surely the most prominent face of classicism among the modernist architects who reject any connection with tradition. They may not recognize him as an important predecessor, but they certainly know the critical... More »

Reconstruction and Commemoration

by Lucien Steil

Life is a permanent process of reconstruction. The incapacity to rebuild results into an incapacity of life. Death is nothing else than a definitive interruption of reconstruction, which though following a fixed plan and order nevertheless allows... More »